Bhutan Festival Dates for 2016

Tshechu festival of Bhutan is an annual religious festival which is celebrated in each and every districts of Bhutan.

Mask Dance during tshechu festival in Bhutan

The festival is held annually in various monasteries, Dzongs of Bhutan to honor the Guru Rimpoche (Guru Padmasambhava being his human form), the “Lotus-Born Teacher”, who brought Tantric Buddhism to Bhutan in the 8th century.

The Tshechu is celebrated in in the tenth day of a month coinciding with the Tibetan calendar. Tshechus are large social gatherings, which perform the function of social bonding among people of remote and spread-out village.

The festival is celebrated with religious Buddhist dances, traditional dances, religious play and fairs. Tshechu’s are one of the biggest event of the districts.  Its is also a big family and social occasion. People dress up in their finest hand woven colorful clothes and most resplendent jewelry of coral and turquoise. The whole family come and enjoy the religious dances and pray.

Thimphu Tshechu

Early in the morning on the last day of the celebration the monks display a gigantic Thangkha (embroidered painting) , the Guru Throngdel, inside the Dzong. Thongdrols are especially impressive examples of Buddhist art and never fail to amaze viewers. They are considered so sacred that simply seeing a Thongdrol is said to cleanse the viewer of sin.

The Bhutanese believe through festival attendance one can accumulate spiritual merits and move forward to enlightenment, the ultimate goal of Buddhists. Festival tshechu are also very popular among tourist. During the festival months Bhutan receives the highest arrival numbers of Tourist.

Some of the famous tshechu festivals in Bhutan are Paro Tshechu, Thimphu Tshechu, Jambay Lhakhang Dup, Tamshing Tshechu, Dochula festival, Punakha Tshechu,

Festival Name Place From Till
Domkhar Tsechu Chumey, Bumthang Apr 16, 2016 Apr 18, 2016
Ura Yakchoe Ura Bumthang Apr 18, 2016 Apr 20, 2016
Rhododendron Festival Lampari Botanical Garden Apr 14, 2016 Apr 17, 2016
Nimalung Tsechu Nimalung Jun 13, 2016 Jun 15, 2016
Kurjey Tsechu Bumthang Jun 15, 2016
Birth anniversary of Guru Rinpoche All over Bhutan Jun 15, 2016
Ura Matsutake Festival Ura Valley Bumtahng Aug 22, 2016 Aug 23, 2016
Blessed Rainy Day All over Bhutan Sep 23, 2016
Thimphu Drubchen Thimphu Oct 06, 2016 Oct 10, 2016
Wangdue Tshechu Wangdiphodrang Oct 09, 2016 Oct 11, 2016
Gangtey Tsechu Gangtey Gonpa, Phobjikha Oct 09, 2016 Oct 11, 2016
Tamshingphala Choedpa Bumthang Oct 11, 2016 Oct 13, 2016
Thimphu Tsechu Thimphu Oct 11, 2016 Oct 13, 2016
Thangbi Mani Festival Bumthang Oct 15, 2016 Oct 17, 2016
Coronation day of 5th King All over Bhutan Nov 01, 2016
Chukha Tsechu Chukha Dzong Nov 07, 2016 Nov 09, 2016
Jakar Tsechu Bumthang Nov 07, 2016 Nov 09, 2016
Black Neck Crane Festival Gangtey Monastery, Phobjikha Nov 11, 2016
Pema Gatshel Tsechu Pema Gatshel Nov 12, 2016 Nov 14, 2016
Jambay Lhakhang Drup Bumthang Nov 14, 2016 Nov 17, 2016
Prakar Duechoed Chumey Valley, Bumthang Nov 15, 2016 Nov 17, 2016
Mongar Tsechu Mongar Dec 05, 2016 Dec 09, 2016
Trashigang Tsechu Trashigang Dec 08, 2016 Dec 10, 2016
Nalakhar Tsechu Bumthang Dec 13, 2016 Dec 15, 2016
Druk Wangyel Festival Dochula Pass Dec 13, 2016
National Day Thimphu Dec 17, 2016