Bhutan FAM Trip  

Yelha Bhutan Tours and Travel organizes only 3-4 FAM Trips in a year for the genuine tour operators and media houses. We arrange the best FAM tour program in the Kingdom for the new travel partners who want to get first hand experience of Bhutan.Bhutan FAM trip

Tour operators will be taken all around the must visit sites in the kingdom and also be  to the 3-4 star resorts so the guests can know about the services and facilities which we provide to our respected guest.

Media & Familiarization Trip to Bhutan is strictly only for the registered and license tour company and media houses.Bhutan FAM trip


The overseas tour and travel companies, designers, writers intending to put Bhutan into their programs or want to visit Bhutan for their future promotion may apply for a Bhutan Familiarization Tour with us.

For a Familiarization Travel to Bhutan, we need the following information:

  1. FAM form filled by each individuals of the guest 
  2. Forwarding letter with company’s letter head
  3. 2 passport size photograph
  4. Passport photocopy
  5. Air tickets ( Copy )
  6. CV of the applicant
  7. Company profile
  8. Company license copy/ website
  9. An under taking which will mention that you will partnership Bhutan tour with Yelha Bhutan Tours and Travels.

On reaching Bhutan, you will have an appointment with the concern authority from Tourism Council of Bhutan to discuss and learn more about Bhutan Tourism and also you can provide your valuable suggestions or ideas.

Bhutan FAM trip(Yelha Bhutan tours & Travels offer)

1) You will be free from USD$68 per day Gov’t Tariff & Royalty.
2) Free tour of Bhutan (Payable: Fooding, Lodging, SUV)
3) 15% Discount of air fare.
4) 15% Discount of Air Ticket 


The rules and rates for filming in Bhutan differ from that of the normal treks and tours. Tourists or professionals’ intent on filming in Bhutan must abide by the Bhutan Filming Rules & Regulations, Royal Government of Bhutan.

Yelha Bhutan Tours have coordinated many international agencies like NHK, Japan, India, Bangkok, travel xp channel, NDTV, eco channel, princess & I and many more – who have come to do documentary filming in Bhutan. We do the research and location hunt and other necessary works as per the subject of your film before your arrival so that you can have a fantastic filming experience in Bhutan.

For documents are needed to obtain the filming permit from Bhutan InfoComm and Media Authority please contact us. Film Permit Clearance Application Form

Filming Royalty to be paid to Government.

  • First 30 Minutes or part thereof ~ US$10,000
  • Next 30 Minutes or part thereof ~ US$6,000
  • Every additional 30 Minutes or part thereof US$3,000
  • In addition a security deposit of US$5,000 must be deposited with the Tourism Council of Bhutan. This deposit will be refunded upon completion of the film to the satisfaction of the Tourism Council of Bhutan.

Bhutan FAM trip Additional requirement:

  • Recommendation letter from the head of the agency. Include who will you send to Bhutan & their designation/role in the agency.
  • You will have to process for media accreditation card issued by the Bhutan Infocomm and Media Authority (BICMA). For more information on media accreditation card please visit bicma.gov.bt. Photocopy of this card should be submitted to TCB with your application for waiver off the daily government levy (Royalty)
  • Once TCB receives relevant documents, it will assess your media familiarization tour application for waiver of government levy (Royalty)
  • We recommend you to route your application through a registered Bhutanese tour operator
  • An under taking which will mention that you will partnership Bhutan tour with Yelha Bhutan Tours and Travels or give credentials about Yelha Bhutan Tours on your series, documentary.


  • All members of the approved media FAM tour must meet relevant officials from the Tourism Council of Bhutan, preferably towards the end of your Bhutan trip
  • After your Bhutan visit you must submit copy/copies of your articles to the Tourism Council of Bhutan.
  • You hereby agree to give permission to the Tourism Council of Bhutan to use the coverage(s) (print, online and TV) on Bhutan to promote Bhutan. TCB will only use for promotion only

For Bhutan FAM tour booking and inquiry Contact us