Bhutan Cultural Tours

Bhutan has a rich and unique cultural heritage that has largely remained intact because of its isolation from the rest of the world until the early 1960s. Since Bhutan is situated between 2 Giant neighbors India in the South and China in the North. Bhutan has long maintained a policy of strict isolationism, both culturally and economically.

Photo ; Capital of Bhutan
Photo ; Capital of Bhutan

Bhutan with the goal of preserving its cultural heritage and independence. One of the main attractions for tourists is the country’s culture and traditions.

The government is increasingly making efforts to preserve and sustain the current culture and traditions of the country. Because of its largely unspoiled natural environment and cultural heritage, Bhutan has been referred to as The Last Shangri-la.

Religion: Bhutan is a Buddhist country. Each valley or district is dominated by a huge Dzong, or high-walled fortress, which serves the religious and administrative center of the district.  23% of the population is Hindu. There is a small Muslim population in Bhutan, covering 1.6% of the whole country’s population. Overall, 75% of the population is Buddhist, and 0.4% other religions.

Bhutan Music: Bhutan music is based on three types, Zhungdra, Boedra, and a modern genre called Rigsar.

Bhutan National Dress: Bhutanese citizens were required to observe the national dress code.  Men wear a heavy knee-length robe tied with a belt, called a Gho. Women wear colourful blouses over which they fold and clasp a large rectangular cloth called a Kira.  Everyday gho and kira are made from cotton, wool or silk and has very exquisite colorful patterns.

Bhutanese cuisine: The main staple foods of Bhutan are red rice but in the high altitudes the staples are buckwheat and maize. The diet also includes chicken, yak meat, dried beef, pork, pork fat, and lamb. Soups and stews of meat, rice, ferns, lentils, and dried vegetables, “Ema Datshi” spiced with chili peppers and cheese, are a favorite meal during the cold seasons.

Sports: Archery is the national sport in Bhutan, and competitions are held regularly in most villages and Football is the most popular sport in Bhutan.